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    • hey guys diedbynature here again. I'm sure I'm boring you now with these suggestions but here's another few I have in mind. following the recent skills revamp , I personally would love to go for max XP! however... 450 lamps and I'm only on 350m agility XP , I would love if you could maybe buff the overall XP rates a little please for skilling? 99 is hardly bareable at 13m xp let alone 1b xp.   can we also maybe get some worthwhile things in the boss point shop? nothing in there is worth it to be fair , only archeon bow and ddr pot. maybe we can add puzzle boxes? tax boxes? lazy charm etc.   The island minigame is great.. but too easy and boring picking items up constantly. can we make it harder? maybe instead of void other npcs start spawning as waves get harder , and they drop slightly more tokens , maybe things like valor , king kong , hulk and things spawn. maybe like a custom version of the fight cave? only at the end if you complete it you get 10,000 empire bags or something as well as some tokens for the shop? this way beginners cannot complete all the waves , you would need better gear to complete top waves.   for support , moderators and admin , add autotyping so to speak. i think its a good idea that while logged in , once every 10 minutes their accounts automatically yell something like..' do you need help? pm me any questions and ill reply as soon possible.' or 'all staff are here to help - message with any issues you may have.'.   voting here is fantastic! we get mass! but we don't get much from the vote itself. maybe we can add a new reward? I don't know what. maybe instead of just ;;reward 1 for a vote scroll you can get ;;reward 2 , uses up 5 votes but gives 10k empire tokens or something?   I've seen people ask about stacking scrolls? my solution is to get rid of them. not the 75% drop rate one , keep that. instead replace it , instead of having 2% and 5% , just have 1% drop rate increasing coin. these stack up to 100. they are gained 1/500 while killing any npc. drop rate doesn't effect this. after you already have 100 , you can still get them but they wont add drop rate after 100. they will NOT be tradeable however can be sold to general shop for a price. the price is up to emerald/Ki.   the fix to general store : you can sell items but nobody can buy from the store. items can only be sold.     NEW HUGE MINIGAME/ZONE SECTION 5 new zones 5 new npcs 5 new targets A new best in slot item. A hell of a grind. this is how the zones will work. red coloured drop is the 1 you are going for. next to it is the drop rate. AGAIN personal drop rates dont effect how often things are dropped. All the following zones will drop 1/5 - 25 empire tokens , 1/25 - 50 empire tokens. 1/50 - 100 empire tokens. 1/100 - 500 empire tokens and 1/250 - 1000 empire tokens.   zone 1-5 hand cannon shots(you need the 1st zone drop to enter the second zone). All hand cannon shots have the same damage bonus as regular hand cannon shot when being shot from a bow. 1st zone -  blue hand cannon shot ( adds 1% damage to all 3 combat methods. also adds 1% drop rate). drop chance is 1/500. 2nd zone - red hand cannon shot ( adds 2% damage to all 3 combat methods. also adds  2% drop rate). drop chance is 1/750. 3rd zone - yellow hand cannon shot ( adds 4% damage to all 3 combat methods. also adds 4% drop rate) drop chance is 1/1000. 4th zone - pink hand cannon shot ( adds 6% damage to all 3 combat methods. also adds 6% drop rate) drop chance is 1/1250. 5th zone - rainbow hand cannon shot ( adds 10% damage to all 3 combat methods. also adds 10% drop rate) drop chance is 1/1500.    
    • +1 Loving these suggestions keep them up @Emerald 
    • hey guys...diedbynature here AGAIN! with 2 main suggestions i think would be great implemented.   okay so the first main idea is a donator shop revamp.(kinda).   There are a few reasons for this. the main one being that I only ever see a few donations each month , very rarely hitting over 150$. THIS IS NOT GOOD. the server is AMAZING! I don't need to emphasise this. the people know. so for that reason it should be raking in a little more to help support it. I personally don't donate because I don't see it being worth it.(the only reason I would donate is to keep the server up). all items in the shop are expensive apart from a small few that are not worth the price. (besides op donator key). nobody will buy bonds or ranks ( especially at bond value) when you can get them very easily in game. strait away that cuts out a lot of the donations.   I mean EVERYONE wants a custom weapon! but who has a spare 300$ sitting around in 1 lump? I know I don't. but who has 10$ sitting around often? or even 5$? I know I do. in donations I like to think all the small donations will add up. every little helps.   SO. 1st of all i will talk about a new way to get your very own custom weapon without donation 300$ in 1 lump sum. in the donation online store only - CAN ONLY BE BROUGHT WITH CASH!  not in donator shop or anything. ONLY online. so this idea is to split 300$ out so that people can gradually buy their own custom. the idea is that you can buy 'custom shards'. these will be tradeable in game. you will need 60 of these in total to get your own custom. they will also cost 5$ each in the store. this way those who want a custom can throw 5-10$ in a week for few shards each week and eventually get their own custom. those who dont wish to have their custom but need fast in game cash will be able to purchase shards and sell them in game. because you can only buy these with REAL MONEY DONATIONS , they will be worth more then bonds in game. the end goal here is to efficiently give people something worth donating for. if they want to donate 5$ for 1 or 50$ for 10.. its all cash to help the server keep running. THIS DOESNT MAKE IT PAY TO PLAY. its a players choice and is not mandatory.   we should also add a new box. beginner boxes and advanced boxed dont give you anything worth more then 1k empire tokens so they are pretty useless. and also they are EASY to get. so i recommend adding a new box. this is also donation only for REAL MONEY FROM THE SHOP. this will be a 'bronze casket' , ' silver casket' or 'gold casket'. bronze casket will cost 5$ and may contain the following... Lord valor set  hurricane warriors set dzanath set kings set rasta teddy panda teddy ocean teddy regular teddy 5$ bond (rare) 10$ bond (rare) 50k cash collector nechlace THIS COMES WITH A 10% chance of doubled loot when opening.   silver casket will cost 10$ and may contain the following... hulk set dark blue wizards set heated pyro set dark purplefire set trinity set cloud set herbal rogue set Exoden set 5$ bond ( x2 ) 10$ bond 25$ bond (rare ) supreme set storm breaker set 100k cash connector nechlace(i) THIS COMES WITH A 10% chance of doubled loot when opening. gold casket will cost 25$ and may contain the following... Apollo ranger set noxious set Azazel set detrimental set BFG set 5$ bond (x4) 10$ bond(x2) 25$ bond 50$ bond (rare) 250k cash   THIS COMES WITH A 10% chance of doubled loot when opening. also maybe the store could be updated. ide like you to consider following items. dark soul set (helmet , body and legs). 125$ eternal potion  25$ infinite overload potion 10$ ultimate max lamp ( all skills) 100$ fantasy gloves 30$ op shield 50$ skotizos mace 40$ shadow bow 40$ archeon bow 30$ imbued slayer helmet 100$ chucky doll 20$ eevee pet 75$ rainbow eevee 250$   thanks for reading! diedbynature.    
    • Hey everyone ! most of you know we have been working on a giant update over the last two weeks and we have finally gotten enough tackled to implement the features in game ! It has taken some time but the list of Patch notes will make up for that i promise !!     Client side changes   -New Client Launcher !! -New Client Background ! -New Forge interface has been complete, you can now type ::Forge to open a interface that will display all Items that can be combined, with the requirements on the right side -New Drop interface has been added ! Now when viewing a npcs drop table it will show drops that are higher than 1/1000 and will also show you your chance with your current drop rate -Replaced a bunch of previous Icons with different ones -Replaced hex colors of alot of client side messages (Trivia, drop announcements, and more) -Replaced Texture on alot of items -Added particles to , Owner cape, Taigas bow, OP Sephiroth sword, Omni blade -New Ironman map has been implemented into cache -New Island zone map has been implemented into Cache -New Archeologist map has been added -Replaced mass event location - Added the custom skill icons for archolegy and divination.     Server side changes -Chamber guardian will now take you to the correct portals location -Most drops have been rebalanced for most npcs , will continue more in the next few updates also -Kill and kick command can now be used by Support rank -Hulk will now teleport you to the correct location -Removed auto bank from eevee pet   -Fixed a bug that was allowing players to dupe items -Fixed a bug that was crashing the server through gambling -Macban has been fixed, anymore Hiccups and they will be removed immediately from now on ! Yay ! We have removed anyones taxbags who had over 1m will now only have 1m , Taxbags had been duped and someone purchased everyone's pos resulting in a Demolished economy, This will be good for the eco especially in the coming weeks when we have new youtubers bringing in loads of people   -Ironman junkshop has been added, identical junk shop as regular players that only ironman can access to prevent players buying/selling items from ironman command will be ::junk , shop is incomplete still working on this -Salvaging has been added into game , Tier 1-10 Items can now be right click salvaged for salvage tokens -Fixed the new drop interface to have the correct drop rate formula when displaying "My Rate" -New Omni blade can now be forged in the forge interface -You will no longer get the x1000 kill task for killing 1 Ravana -You now have a chance of getting an Empire aura on the rare table from Yoshi and Mass - Took out donator store, for now until its revamped. you can still donate online. - Raised the hp of mass boss, and apolo. - Added npc for arch to talk to and trade  ur stone clippings for reward - Started Divination Skill. - Added new Diamond Npc grind zone. - Added desert, jungle and ice wyrms to the diamond zone. - Added new artifact you get from training the archeology skill can open for rewards. - Took away the voting scrolls from the evil tree replaced back with tax boxes. - You will now get voting scroll randomly during skilling. - While digging around at the archeology zone you will get random artifacts, and chance at loot boxes tier 1-2-3 - While digging at the archeology zone you have a higher chance on getting the pet. - whiling digging around you can now have a chance on finding tax boxes also. - Stone Clipping are now sell-able to the junk store. - You can no longer get the shadow sword from, the medium chest. - Replaced the bond dungeon trap door with a npc. - Archeology - - With this new skill you can train it, to achieve fragments,   and items to help you along the way,   the fragments you get from this skill will allow you to,   also upgrade items to make them better and more powerful. - Along with this new skill, you can get a pet "ant man"   he will allow you to do x2 damage, along with 50 dr. - Also you will have a chance on getting loot boxes, tier 1,2,3   inside these will be juicy rewards. - Also with archeology you will be able to turn in stones for empire tokens   the rare the stone to more empire tokens you will get. - There will different locations to dig for items, - Location 1. Pest control you will have to search in the middle of the island   there you will get stone clippings, and starter tickets to use or trade in for empire tokens   and much more. - Location 2. Click farming skill, then you will click climb over, west of the   patch in the farm pen, there you will be able to dig in the second location   you will be able to get stone clippings and double starter tickets and clippings.   but to climb over the fence you will need 50 archeology.   - Location 3 is the flax field in seers village, you can search the rock pile   and get 3x rock clippings and start tickets, also with this you   need 80 archeology. - Location 4, has its own zone, you will need 95 archeology.   with this you get 4x stone clippings and higher chance at pet   and other items. get there by ::archzone - Also you will be able to get empire scratch cards at a low chance. - Also at the archeology island if you dig around long enough you will get a special rock   this special rock can be upgraded, to items, or sold for empire tokens.   along with this rock you will need them for the future so hold on. - Also with the new skill you can trade in your stone clippings,   for red/blue/or yellow stone, to be able to use it on the statue   to either get the new auras, red blue or yellow one   depending on your color of stone u picked. - You will also now get artifacts, with these you can open for rewards.   depending on the artifact, depends on the reward, hope you all enjoy.   you wont get a artifact every time u search, but u have to dig them up.
    • Damn bud gonna miss ya take care man. hope it gets better soon!
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