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    • -New Expert npc : Luminitous Warrior Luminitous warriors will have 4m HP and will require 4k Ravana KC to attack -Removed Event boxes from random drops - you will now get taxbag boxes that give a random amount of taxbags -Reduced Herbal rouges spawn timer from 30 seconds to 5 -Added taxbag box to token shop for 2.5k colorful tokens -Corp beast teleport interface now shows the correct killcount   -Added Max cape for players who max all skills , to purchase the max cape speak to Empires veteran NPC at ::shops     -Added 15k Stats to Max cape     -Added 55 Drop rate to Max cape     -Buffed stats on dreamers cape from 1k > 5k     -Buffed stats on Elemental,Toxic,Aquatic cape from 750 > 1250.   Added Opulant Cape Item combination     -You can now combine 500k Taxbags, Dreamers cape, and max cape to create a Opulant cape     -Added 25k stats to Opulant cape     -Added 60% drop rate to Opulant cape   Owner cape Item combination !     -You can now Combine 750k Taxbags, Opulant cape, 10 OP Crystals, and Owners cape to create a OP Investor Cape     -Added 75k stats to OP Investors cape     -Added 90% Drop rate to OP Investors cape     OP God shield Item combination     -You can now Combine a Chucky doll, 250k taxbags, and 10 OP Crystals to create a OP God shield     -Added 10.5k Stats to OP God shield     -Added 65 Drop rate to OP God shield   Imbued Slayer helm item combination     -You can now Combine the 3 new slayer helmets (cyan,blue,and green) with a mask of the dead and 100k taxbags to make a Imbued slayer helmet     -Added 7.5k Stats to the imbued slayer helmet     -Added 65 drop rate to the Imbued slayer helmet   -You can now sell Sparta gear and Archers gear (starter gears) back to the taxbag shop -You now have a random chance of getting taxbag boxes from woodcutting instead of bird nests -Added 3 new Custom slayer helmets that will be obtainable in the slayer shop -Each helmet will have 1.76k stats and 30% drop rate   -New Mass boss Sephiroth will spawn ever 30 minutes -Sephiroth will drop taxbags/ rare chance at 3 keys to be used at Sephiroths chest (You need all 3 keys to open the chest)     -Sephiroths chest will drop taxbags on the common reward table     -Sephiroth will drop Sephiroth armor/bonds on the uncommon reward table     -Sephiroth will drop Sephiroths blade/OP Crystals on the Rare reward table   BUG FIXES -The following items can now be sold to the taxbag shop     -Dzanths trident     -ring of overload     -Papersack     -Trinity boots/cape     -Cronos set     -Hurricane set -increased speed boost on cloud's sword -increased speed boost on Exotic staff -Added drop rate boost to Azazel set -Added spell/speed to Azazel scythe -Added 10% Drop rate to Icy glaive -Added drop rate boost to Exotic set -Boosted stats/speed on Demonic Olm scythe -Azazel Beast location is now multi-combat -Buffed imbued set(donation only) to be BIS again -fixed the bug when trying to combine all pets for eevee pet giving you a rune armour set, now gives you the rainbow eevee -Added a few more npcs in the deluxe donator zone -fixed the name of donald duck pet - it is really Scrooge mcduck -Nerfed owner items to 75% drop rate each   IN THE WORKS IN GAME DONATION SHOP REWORK WEBSITE DONATION STORE REWORK VIP DONATOR ZONE MORE EXPERT NPCS REWORK ON MINIGAMES
    • Welcome to Ki's Gear Guide, Everything in this guide is from worst to best.   Range Armour:   Npc: Joker Hp: 500 Joker Gear/Archers Gear. ------------------------------------------------- Npc: Sirenic Beasts Hp: 5500 Sirenic Set: ------------------------------------------------- American Pernix "elite" -------------------------------------------------- Npc: Cerberus Hp: 35000 Crimson Pernix: -------------------------------------------------- Npc: Hulk Hp: 300000 Hulk Armour: Fate's Justiciar Armour ---------------------------------------------------- Npc: Herbal Rogue Hp: 750000 Herbal Rogue: Herbal Bow ---------------------------------------------------- Npc: Apollo Ranger Hp: 2.25m Apollo Gear ----------------------------------------------------- Npc: N/A Detrimental Armour ------------------------------------------------------ Melee Armour:   Npc: Charizard Hp: 10000 Blazed Armour ------------------------------------------------------ Npc: Hercules Hp: 6000 Hercules Armour   Demonic frost blade ------------------------------------------------------ Npc Godzilla Hp: 30000 Rex Armour: Oreo whip ------------------------------------------------------ Npc Zeus: Hp: 45000 Zeus Armour Zeus Hammer ------------------------------------------------------- Npc: King Kong Hp: 150000 Kings Armour: Kings Sword ------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Hurricane Warriors Hp: 85000 Hurricane Armour: Hurricane Whip ------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Lucid Warrior Hp: 225k Lucid Armour Hellfire Sword -------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Purple Wyrm Hp: 425k Purple Wyrm Armour: -------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Trinity Hp: 500k Trinity Armour: Trinity Sword -------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Cloud Hp: 550k Cloud Armour: Cloud Sword -------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Exoden Hp: 1m Exoden Armour Exoden Blade ---------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Storm Breaker Hp: 1.75m Storm Breaker Armour Storm Breaker Maul --------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Noxious Troll Hp: 2.75m Noxious Armour Noxious Blade --------------------------------------------------------- Magic Armour:   Npc Defenders: Hp: 15000 Defenders texture armour: Infernal battle staff ----------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Infracto Hp: 55000 Infernal Virtus armour: ------------------------------------------------------------ Npc: Lord Valors Hp: 70000 Lord Armour Lord valors staff Collectors Amulet ------------------------------------------------------------ Npc: Dzanth Hp: 125k Dzanth Armour Dzanth Staff ------------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Dark blue wizards Hp: 330k Dark blue armour Dark blue staff -------------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Heated pyros Hp: 400k Heated armour Heated staff --------------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Supreme Nex Hp: 1.4m Supreme Armour Supreme staff ------------------------------------------------------------------ Npc: N/A Exotic Staff ------------------------------------------------------------------ Npc: N/A Icy CrossBow ------------------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Azazel Beast Hp: 3m Azazel Armour Azazel Scythe ------------------------------------------------------------------- Minigun: Normal Mg - Frost Mg - Golden Mg - Dragon Mg - Shines Mg - Hulk Mg - Empire Mg - Detrimental Mg - ------------------------------------------------------------------- Drop Rate Items: Mask of the Dead: 50% DR DR Boots 50% DR Ring 25% Dreamers Cape 50% Dr Donator Aura 60% Dr Rasta Teddy Bear 20% DR Demonic olm cape 10% DR Ring of Devotion 10% DR Drop Rate Bong 20% DR Normal Teddy's 10% DR Tztok Pet 2x Kc, Plus 25% DR Abanndon Pet 40% DR, x2 Damage banks Drops. Eevee Pets, Fire,water,eletric,Fairy, 40% DR Eevee Pet. 30% DR Rainbow Eevee, 55% DR, Banks drops, x2 KC Corp Pet, 20% DR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous: Hween Aura: 7500 all states 50 DR Hween Scythe: 25k all States Emerald Staff "BIS MAGE STAFF" Sharingan Aura 15k States, 70% DR Collectors nec "I", 20% DR Collectors nec, 10% DR  
    • What is your in-game name: Ande Why do you want to be a Server Support: I want to help people and help u guys out  What experience do you have being a staff member on a RuneScape private server: i dont have experience but i learn me fast and only have experience on a cs website i am overwatcher = helper there :) Why do you think you are the best fit as a Server Support: because i like to help people and i will be online very much and when i play cs i have client on my other screen and stay afk at home and i can see if someone need help Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord: I always watch discord, i will be more active on forum  What is your timezone: GMT+2 What is your availability: I am always online :) How active are you ingame, and do you spend time helping players: I will be online like 8-12h/day
    • BUG FIXES -Pet should no longer go to inventory when you logout and should automatically summon when logging in if it was previously summoned upon logging out -Fixed drop announcements for supreme nex npc and npcs after -Major bug causing players not to get drops for any NPC with killcounts unless they had a x2 KC Pet summoned has been fixed -Tanks health in raids 1 has been fixed -Added boss points per kill for Storm breaker, Apollo Ranger, Noxious troll, Azazel Beast, and Ravana -Teleport interface will now show the correct amount of kills needed for the next zone QOL UPDATES -Pets can no longer be clicked on to dismiss your pet click dismiss familiar in the summoning tab -You can now type ::dismiss command to dismiss your pet -Removed the aggro from hween npcs at halloween event -Removed x2 bond drop from Exoden -Nerfed the amount of taxbags earned from Uber chest -Replaced Supreme Nex location to fix pathing issues -Deluxe donator zone is now multi-combat -Nerfed the Taxbag amount from deluxe chest -Nerfed the taxbag amounts from Uber chest -Raised the HP on Deluxe NPCS to 1M -Adjusted the Npcs on the main teleport interface -Adjusted the Npc Tiers on the teleport interface -You now need 5k Luke skywalker kills to attack darth vader -Raised the cost of Supreme donation box in the boss point shop -Altered the rewards for supreme nex npc tasks -Implemented new Event box that will be given out during events , The box will have hardened + Expert rewards in it, including the new sets from this update. -Event box will be rewarded randomly killing npcs -You can now Combine Donators Aura, And h'ween aura together with 200k taxbags to make Sharingan Aura -You can now Combine Jolteon,Flareon,Vapereon,and Sylveon with 150k Taxbags to create a Rainbow Eevee, (x2 KC, 55% Dr, Banks drops) -Nerfed mask of the deads drop rate from 70 down to 50 -Added Coll effect, and 70 drop rate to Sharingan aura + 15k stats   ITEM ADJUSTMENTS -Exodens blade has been buffed -Gluttony Glaive speed/stats have been fixed -Increased stats on Elite black armour -Increased stats/speed on Storm breaker maul -Daffy duck staff now has a spell animation -Buffed Herbal rouge armor -Buffed the stats on Heated battlestaff a tad -Added stats/speed to Lollipop -Added drop rate to Imbued set items (10% Each) -Added drop rate to Storm breaker (7% Each) -Added drop rate to Noxious (7% each) -Added drop rate to Detrimental ( 8% Each)   IMPLEMENTED -Added new NPC "Noxious Troll"  on the Expert tier list and will drop the Noxious set -Added new NPC "Azazel Beast" on the Expert Tier list and will drop the Azazel set -Added new NPC "Ravana" on the Expert Tier list and will drop the Detrimental set/Minigun  
    • During the month of October we will be having a voting competition ! The event will last until the final day of October , when the top 3 voters of the month will be able to claim the following prizes ! 1st place: $100 Bonds Second place: $ 50 Bonds Third place: $ 25 Bonds Thank you all for supporting Empire ! And good luck on the Event ! https://empirersps.everythingrs.com/services/vote  
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