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  3. hey guys diedbynature here again. I'm sure I'm boring you now with these suggestions but here's another few I have in mind. following the recent skills revamp , I personally would love to go for max XP! however... 450 lamps and I'm only on 350m agility XP , I would love if you could maybe buff the overall XP rates a little please for skilling? 99 is hardly bareable at 13m xp let alone 1b xp. can we also maybe get some worthwhile things in the boss point shop? nothing in there is worth it to be fair , only archeon bow and ddr pot. maybe we can add puzzle boxes? tax boxes? lazy
  4. +1 Loving these suggestions keep them up @Emerald
  5. hey guys...diedbynature here AGAIN! with 2 main suggestions i think would be great implemented. okay so the first main idea is a donator shop revamp.(kinda). There are a few reasons for this. the main one being that I only ever see a few donations each month , very rarely hitting over 150$. THIS IS NOT GOOD. the server is AMAZING! I don't need to emphasise this. the people know. so for that reason it should be raking in a little more to help support it. I personally don't donate because I don't see it being worth it.(the only reason I would donate is to keep t
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  7. Hey everyone ! most of you know we have been working on a giant update over the last two weeks and we have finally gotten enough tackled to implement the features in game ! It has taken some time but the list of Patch notes will make up for that i promise !! Client side changes -New Client Launcher !! -New Client Background ! -New Forge interface has been complete, you can now type ::Forge to open a interface that will display all Items that can be combined, with the requirements on the right side -New Drop interface has been added ! Now when viewing a npcs
  8. Damn bud gonna miss ya take care man. hope it gets better soon!
  9. Just wanted to make this post to thank everyone in the server for being a great community, the staff are insane, Emerald Ki and Risen done such a great job making this server and loved working with them, great owners aswell as great friends! Thankyou to all the staff - Emerald - Risen - Ki - Miskan - Quo - Danne - Ricky - Nilleffs - Lytsu - Sxnta Amazing people who put so much into the server, The reason im leaving is because of irl problems to sort and i may be back in the future who knows, but for the time being i won't be
  10. hey guys! diedbynature here again. so over the past few days ive seen a few people mention that they would like to be able to upgrade armours from 1 tier to the next. YES I KNOW ARMOUR UPGRADER DOES THIS. because of this i have put my brain into gear to find a solution that is fair and wouldnt ruin the economy. so let me know what you think, my idea is potentially a good one.. a rather big content update if its implemented. so for all armour sets you have tier 1-10 already. my suggestion works on this basis. so the main thing is grindin
  11. kii

    Small Update

    - Changes - You can now longer have more then 1 acc doing a afk method for exmaple only one account can woodcut a tree you can ahve another mine if you like. - When you make it to the last zone in starterzone there will be 3 new option in the npc to choose your future melee,range,or magic wep all give decent starting stats. you will need 250 starter tokens to choose one. and each penguin drops 5 starter tokens now. you will still get the other weps from progress but the last room you can choose a different style to continue the grind.
  12. click here to see the awesome mass event!
  13. empire donation package show off right hereeeee Click those link to see amazing content
  14. katie

    empire rsps vid

    New youtube video here! dont be scared to click this link
  15. - Skilling revamped - AGILITY Each lap of Gnome course completed you receive 50 empire tokens and 25 skill points. Each lap of the barbarian outpost course you receive 100 empire tokens and 50 skill points. Each lap of the wilderness course you complete you receive 200 empire tokens and 75 skill points. HERBLORE - ANY potion made rewards 10 empire tokens and 10 skill points. - FIREMAKING, WOODCUTTING, FLETCHING - Will now get 10 skilling points per actions, and 5 empire tokens. THIEVING 1st stall 5 empire tokens and 5 points. Dependin
  16. Hey guys! DIEDBYNATURE Here ; I'm just putting in a few of my ideas that will make the server much , much better. At the minute I feel the server is based souly on pvm and I know that a lot of people like skilling but see not point in skilling ; or prestiging for that matter. For this reason , I would like to make the ultimate suggestion of a skill revamp , here I shall cover everything I can think of. The base of the skill revamp is the activity itself , levelling , and where to spend points. levelling any skill will give you extra points based on the level you have achieved , for
  17. kii

    Update .27

    - Changes - - Lowered starter zone tokens, to move on, now u need 25 for first one 50 for second. this way new players can proccess faster. - Revamped the Weapon system, such as range, magic , melee weapons, so some might seem nerfed or buffed to fit the tier it is suppose to be in. - Donator store has been redone, now you will have to donate online store for most op items, instead of the ingame shop. - Vote Store revamped - Ironman will need 15 cash crystals for the portal chambers, in there zone. - Added reloadnpcs cmd for dev, when you change something i
  18. New Year January Vote Event JUICY REWARDS The event will last until the final day of January, when the top 3 voters of the month will be able to claim the following prizes! 1st place: 10 OP Donation Keys + 100$ bonds Second place: 5 OP Donation Keys + $ 50 Bonds Third place: 3 OP Donation Keys + $ 25 Bonds Thank you all for supporting Empire! And good luck on the event! Vote here: https://empirersps.everythingrs.com/services/vote
  19. kii

    Update. 26

    its suppose to be 25 crystals not 2
  20. kii

    Update. 26

    Updates .26 - Added Boss Portal chambers at home, inside you will find other bosses that give more of a good reward and more items. but you have to pay the fee to enter:), you will have to pay 5 cash crystals to enter. - New Bosses are: - Venastis - Drops the new Infernal Mage Set. BIS - Scorpia - Drops the new mylo set, it is better then vanquish. TriBrid set - KBD - - Drops the new, Omega Set, Its bis range, drop new pet dragon - vetion - - Skotizo - Drops the new darksoul set, its better then mylo set. BIS Melee, drops new pet - Cash crystals are cryst
  21. kii

    Update .25

    Updates .25 - Buffed luminita armour should be better then nox now. - Buffed the drop rate for luminita, it is better then nox now, it has 10 dr each item - Buffed zulrah hp from 3m to 10m - Buffed hp of therm devils, from 500k to 10m - Buffed the OP investors cape, it wasnt much strong then owners, now it is - All Expert npc storm braker and up, now got the bond drop rate lowered so they are more "easier" to get. but not to easy - Added op crystals to seph chest, and to razors npcs 1/1100, last teleport on expert zone - Added Instance for Spidy
  22. kii

    Update .24

    Updates v.24 QOL/Updates - Buffed infernal battle staff 10k mage now - Buffed seadevil bow abit - Vip sword (oh) now has stats, same as main hand - Custom trident now has .5 damage boost, and stats boost, also 10 dr - Seph sword stats boosted alot, and it has a 1.5% damage boost, along with 25 Dr - Buffed rainbow, shines, skyrocket miniguns - Buffed Blood Neck -Added weapon animations for Vanquishers whip - increased stats on vanquisher set items - Donators aura now gives magic stats - Deluxe donator chest is now working with no bugs,
  23. Miskan has been promoted to moderator from support Ande sadly resigned as server support we thank him for his service on empire. Tezkid has been promoted to community manager Congradulations to all
  24. kii

    Staff List

    Owner: Emerald Owner: Risen Siren Developer: Ki Community manager: Tezkid Moderator: Miskan Moderator: Domination Support: Kasu Support :
  25. kii

    Update .23

    Updates v.23 QOL/Updates - Buffes - - Buffed goku set it now has 2500 melee stats a peice, it is melee armour, total gives you 12000, full set gives, 5% damageboost - Buffed vegta set it now has 2500 range stats a peice, it is range armour, total gives u 12000, full set gives, 5% damage boost - Buffed freza set it now has 2500 mage stats a peice, its mage armour, total set give you 12000, full set gives, 5% damage boost - BUFFED SPIDY BOSS HP, AND STATS HE NOW DRAINS YOUR STRENGTH. - Buffed emeralds staff it was trash before. - Buffed the ironman cape a lit
  26. Welcome back to Empire everyone ! We are very excited to see every face in game ! As a Appreciation from the team we will be offering Donation Launch packs that will be LIMITED Each package can be purchased until the package has hit a sold limit. after that i will remove the package from this list below.
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