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  2. Lets start a thread to count to the highest number possible! Rules: > We start at 1 then 2, etc. You get my point! > You can only comment once a day. > You must comment the next number that comes after the comment made before you. This is all for fun 😄
  3. Last week
  4. Hello users of Empire RSPS I am here to welcome you to my first 1-28 goodie bag! Rules of my 1-28 goodie bag please be considerate of others only put your main accounts name Yell when ever you can about this thread so people can enter how its going to work is i will be going through the comments with a random picker and who ever gets picked through the 1-28 wins 1 item there will be 28 winners Have a wonderful day and good luck Winners will be picked on March 11th 2021 NOTE IF YOU CANNOT SIGN UP ON FORUMS BECAUSE OF THE REGISTRATION ISSUE MESSAGE ME OR A STAFF TO COMMENT
  5. IGN: M4 lets go GL everyone
  6. Cosmetic Keepsake system has been implemented - To open the keepsake interface type ::keepsake You will need to use a keepsake key on an item you want to be in your keepsake (once you use a key on an item your item will be removed and added in your keepsake, you can not remove items from your keepsake) Keys will be on store atm for $4 each , And a rare drop from the world boss Azazel beast drops will now announce Exotic staff can now be sold to shop Added more storm troopers in star wars zone Imbued slayer helmet will no longer have the upgrade option Nerfed the max hit on God st
  7. Mercury


    Hello I am Mercury I am 24 years old I have 25 hours played in game. I love animals music Anyone who wants to add me feel free to my ign is Mercury and will gladly help you with anything I can to the best of my abilities. enjoy the rest of your day/night and take care.
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  9. Home area has been revamped - Same location with some awesome changes Glacor boss drops have been buffed so they are a bit easier to obtain a rare Staff capes have been givin drop rate Added some custom weapons for players Made gamble option only show at ::gamble Added viewshop option to people who have a shop made ::portals open take the crystals when you spawn the bosses made the instance tele you out when you finished killing your amount made the fp spawn in 1 of the 8 locations fixed boss locations on questtab added empire points to quest tab for pvp points
  10. Auto cache updater has been added and will update the cache without downloading a separate version reducing the memory needed in users file 😛 Daily tasks have been added in game ! type ::Daily or ::Taskshop to open the daily interface Minigame NPCS will now give some battle-pass xp per kill Glacor Multi boss has been added for Maniac zone you need 7.5k Sable kills to attack this boss The boss will drop the new Glacial set that will be needed for more future content Fixed the name of the mask of the dead to show 25% dr instead of 35 Fixed the examine on the 35% dr boots to show 35%
  11. More Detailed and Updated DropRate guide for items **[MISC]** Scroll of Praise - Gives 100 DR for 2hours Deluxe Stoner Bong - 5DR 20% DR Bong - 20DR 2 DR scroll - 2DR 5 DR scroll - 5DR 75 DR scroll - 75DR **[Amulets]** DR Amulet - 2DR Collector's Necklace - 5DR Collector's Necklace (i) - 10DR Fate's Collector's Necklace - 20DR Donators Aura - 25DR Empire aura - 35DR Sharingan Aura - 30DR Blood necklace - 35DR Perfect neck - 40DR Flawless necklace - 50DR Omnicient necklace - 60DR **[Pets]** Joker - 2DR Bulbasaur - 3DR Charmander - 4DR
  12. Battlepass has been added to open the battlepass in game type ::battlepass To purchase the battlepass visit the online donation store Staff of annihilation will be obtainable from reaching lvl 100 in the battlepass and will be an AOE Spear First Maniac zone npc has been added King Khione Khione will drop 1-25 shards per kill (25 being rare) You will need 3k Dreamflow NPCS to attack king khione The shards that you get from King Khione can be used to craft the new Khione helmet,platebody,and legs in the ::forge menu Chat icons have been fixed and adjusted so you will n
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