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  1. This section is to list everyone who has helped this thread in some way. CREDIT:
  2. We currently have no way of checking what the lootboxes give so I decided to just make this thread and slowly fill it out as I find out what comes from them. If you would like to help post your finds in the thread or message me in game and I will add you to the credit section of this thread. If I forgot something that isn't listed let me know. Beginner Box: Casket: • 0 - x100* Empire Token (So far this my highest amount if you have received more please let me know along with proof) Chance Box: Donation Box: Ext
  3. Thank you mister noob! ❤️
  4. I was promised a bond for creating a forum account as well as posting an introduction so here I am. I've gone by Teddy since I was in the 7th grade so it's sorta become my real name at this point. I've been playing RSPS on and off since 2008. I recently within the last year came back to the RSPS scene and have been playing custom servers and eventually wound up here on Empire. So far my experience with the server is really nice. The server could use some tweaking but other then that it's been a great experience. Fe, the noob owner doesn't have a stick up his ass which honestly i

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