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  1. hey guys diedbynature here again. I'm sure I'm boring you now with these suggestions but here's another few I have in mind. following the recent skills revamp , I personally would love to go for max XP! however... 450 lamps and I'm only on 350m agility XP , I would love if you could maybe buff the overall XP rates a little please for skilling? 99 is hardly bareable at 13m xp let alone 1b xp. can we also maybe get some worthwhile things in the boss point shop? nothing in there is worth it to be fair , only archeon bow and ddr pot. maybe we can add puzzle boxes? tax boxes? lazy
  2. hey guys...diedbynature here AGAIN! with 2 main suggestions i think would be great implemented. okay so the first main idea is a donator shop revamp.(kinda). There are a few reasons for this. the main one being that I only ever see a few donations each month , very rarely hitting over 150$. THIS IS NOT GOOD. the server is AMAZING! I don't need to emphasise this. the people know. so for that reason it should be raking in a little more to help support it. I personally don't donate because I don't see it being worth it.(the only reason I would donate is to keep t
  3. hey guys! diedbynature here again. so over the past few days ive seen a few people mention that they would like to be able to upgrade armours from 1 tier to the next. YES I KNOW ARMOUR UPGRADER DOES THIS. because of this i have put my brain into gear to find a solution that is fair and wouldnt ruin the economy. so let me know what you think, my idea is potentially a good one.. a rather big content update if its implemented. so for all armour sets you have tier 1-10 already. my suggestion works on this basis. so the main thing is grindin
  4. Hey guys! DIEDBYNATURE Here ; I'm just putting in a few of my ideas that will make the server much , much better. At the minute I feel the server is based souly on pvm and I know that a lot of people like skilling but see not point in skilling ; or prestiging for that matter. For this reason , I would like to make the ultimate suggestion of a skill revamp , here I shall cover everything I can think of. The base of the skill revamp is the activity itself , levelling , and where to spend points. levelling any skill will give you extra points based on the level you have achieved , for

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