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  1. Hey everyone ! most of you know we have been working on a giant update over the last two weeks and we have finally gotten enough tackled to implement the features in game ! It has taken some time but the list of Patch notes will make up for that i promise !! Client side changes -New Client Launcher !! -New Client Background ! -New Forge interface has been complete, you can now type ::Forge to open a interface that will display all Items that can be combined, with the requirements on the right side -New Drop interface has been added ! Now when viewing a npcs
  2. New Year January Vote Event JUICY REWARDS The event will last until the final day of January, when the top 3 voters of the month will be able to claim the following prizes! 1st place: 10 OP Donation Keys + 100$ bonds Second place: 5 OP Donation Keys + $ 50 Bonds Third place: 3 OP Donation Keys + $ 25 Bonds Thank you all for supporting Empire! And good luck on the event! Vote here: https://empirersps.everythingrs.com/services/vote
  3. Welcome back to Empire everyone ! We are very excited to see every face in game ! As a Appreciation from the team we will be offering Donation Launch packs that will be LIMITED Each package can be purchased until the package has hit a sold limit. after that i will remove the package from this list below.
  4. Emerald

    Update 2.2

    Added Attack animations for the following weapons: -Frozen staff -Frozen Battlesword -Staff of grace -Staff of lust -Christmas scythe -Martian raygun -Archeon bow -Byakuya Blade -Snowballs have been added in game for christmas event Snow balls will be used to upgrade the two Frozen weapons, Frozen staff, and Frozen battlesword Each frozen weapon now has 3 Tiers and can be upgraded 2 times How to obtain each frozen weapon for each Tier Frozen item Tier I Only obtainable from opening frozen chests Frozen item TIER II Frozen battlesword or staff and
  5. Emerald

    Update 2.1

    Updates 2.1 QOL/Bugs fixes Updates Item/Buffs - Buffed suic sword, 45k stats- Gonna be Added to boss point shop/Bork Drops https://gyazo.com/94d659e0c9288378ed61a87bd5797c38 - Buffed Ghost duel swords, Stats 50k str att def - Gonna be Added to boss point shop/world boss drops/ https://gyazo.com/04e7ef2eaec09c6a9e7f659774421e4e - Buffed Fairy wings, 5k stats, New wings that will be added to some drop table/shop https://gyazo.com/59355cc0a0754fb16fa283b0df21f992 - Buffed shark tooth sword, 35k stats, will be obtained through, donator shop, boss point
  6. EMPIRES DISCORD INVITE EVENT How will the Event work ? -The Event will last untill someone or someone(s) has gotten the following invites ! The rewards will be based upon your invites! -1st person to get 15 invites will get a $5 Bond -1st person to get 20 invites will get a $10 Bond -1st person to get 30 invites will get a $25 Bond I will continue updating this thread upon winners for the event so you all know what places are still open for the taking ! THANK YOU ALL For participating in the event, AND GOOD-LUCK!
  7. During the month of November we will be having a voting competition ! The event will last until the final day of November , when the top 3 voters of the month will be able to claim the following prizes ! 1st place: $100 Bonds Second place: $ 50 Bonds Third place: $ 25 Bonds Thank you all for supporting Empire ! And good luck on the Event ! This event has been hosted by our wonderful staff member @Tezkid so make sure to give him a thank you ! https://empirersps.everythingrs.com/services/vote
  8. QOL UPDATES/BUG FIXES -New ::tele command to open up the teleport interface has been added -New owner quick commands have been added to Spawn global bosses at anytime(Mainly events/yt streams) -Luminous warriors will now give Bosspoints -Fixed Imbued slayer helm definition , it will no longer be a pet -Mysterious clue scrolls can now be stacked -Deluxe AFK Tickets can now be upgraded into $10 bonds at the upgrade machine with a 3000 Tickets at a 33% Success rate, costs 10ktaxbags to attempt -You will now get boss points from killing world bosses -You will now get boss points
  9. -New Expert npc : Luminitous Warrior Luminitous warriors will have 4m HP and will require 4k Ravana KC to attack -Removed Event boxes from random drops - you will now get taxbag boxes that give a random amount of taxbags -Reduced Herbal rouges spawn timer from 30 seconds to 5 -Added taxbag box to token shop for 2.5k colorful tokens -Corp beast teleport interface now shows the correct killcount -Added Max cape for players who max all skills , to purchase the max cape speak to Empires veteran NPC at ::shops -Added 15k Stats to Max cape -Adde
  10. BUG FIXES -Pet should no longer go to inventory when you logout and should automatically summon when logging in if it was previously summoned upon logging out -Fixed drop announcements for supreme nex npc and npcs after -Major bug causing players not to get drops for any NPC with killcounts unless they had a x2 KC Pet summoned has been fixed -Tanks health in raids 1 has been fixed -Added boss points per kill for Storm breaker, Apollo Ranger, Noxious troll, Azazel Beast, and Ravana -Teleport interface will now show the correct amount of kills needed for the next zone QOL UPDAT
  11. During the month of October we will be having a voting competition ! The event will last until the final day of October , when the top 3 voters of the month will be able to claim the following prizes ! 1st place: $100 Bonds Second place: $ 50 Bonds Third place: $ 25 Bonds Thank you all for supporting Empire ! And good luck on the Event ! https://empirersps.everythingrs.com/services/vote
  12. -Added the following new Item models/Npc models -Trainer May -Eevee -Jolteon -Flareon -Vaporeon -Sylveon -Eternal Potion(199 in all stats) -Virulent Set -Apollo Set -Cronus Set -Emeralds staff(Limited BIS Staff Item) -Fairy crystal,Fire crystal, Electric crystal,Water crystal(Eevee's Evolve crystals) -Fixed Galvek models -You can now upgrade Infinite overload potion(125stats) into Eternal Potion(199 stats) for 10k taxbags at a 50% chance of success -You can now upgrade Valor into Virulent at the item upgrade machine for 4k bags at a 33% chance of success -
  13. QOL UPDATES/BUG FIXES -Removed major exploit(s) that were allowing players to obtain bags rapidly fast -All Skilling shops, and shops that required taxbags(pure shop, mage shop, etc) will go back to coins like before to prevent any taxbags being dumped ingame -Drop tables have been adjusted- It will now be harder to get many drops -You can no longer get starter boxes from rare chance at the afk rock , instead you will now only be able to get taxbags/colorful tokens -Removed double drop rate from shops/drops , only available in donation shop/ world boss, Rare table on raids chest
  14. -Drop rate Formulas have been adjusted, you may notice a difference in drop rate. this is an overall effect not just certain items your weapons drop rate is still based in the same tier as it was before , this is basically to help prevent people farming tons of sets rather fast -Dzanths lucky ring DR was nerfed from 75 to 35 -Added stats /speed to Ornate Katana in boss point shop -Added stats to Emperor set -Buffed HP on world boss, and Medium boss Rick -Staff of valor now has fast speed -Removed starter key from medium chest -Added x2 speed onto icy katana -Gluttony glaive now
  15. New Mass Medium Boss Rick will spawn every 20 minutes roughly at ::Rick He will reward the top 10 that deal damage Rewards will be Medium tier loot -Fixed 2% drop rate amulet not giving any drop rate -Onslaughts timer has been changed to spawn every 5minutes -Starter boss will now give loot to top 10 instead of 5 -Changed the prices on alot of upgrades/percents sense we are noticing the true eco in action -New x10 Trivia point ticket has been added to the Trivia point shop for x10 trivia points so players can buy/sell them -Fixed ::vote command -Buffed stats

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