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  1. Welcome to the forums 🙂 Let me know when you're online in-game!
  2. Fe


    Welcome! And thank you, enjoy the $5 bond! 🙂
  3. Fe

    Hello there!

    Welcome! Thank you and enjoy the $5 bond! 🙂
  4. Thank you and enjoy the bond! 🙂
  5. Hey everyone, we would like to start using our forums more so in light of it being redone we are going to be giving each person who makes a forums account & posts an introduction 1 $5 bond. (Make sure to use your IGN when making) Hope to see you on there! We're going to be cracking down on guides etc that will be on the forums! Make sure to include your IGN in your introduction 🙂 I will be checking them frequently and handing out the $5 bond to those who make an introduction
  6. Empire's Staff List 4/27/2021 Owner - Emerald Tezkid Risen Siren Developer - Jax Community Manager - Fe Event Manager - Stim Administrator - Stim Web Developer - Danne Discord Admin - BEANS Moderator - Japer Eevee Ace Server Support - N/A
  7. **[Misc]** Scroll of Praise - Gives 100 DR for 2hours Deluxe Stoner Bong - 5DR 10% DR Bong - 10DR 2 DR scroll - 2DR 5 DR scroll - 5DR 50 DR scroll - 50DR **[Amulets]** DR Amulet - 2DR Collector's Necklace - 3DR Collector's Necklace (i) - 5DR Fate's Collector's Necklace - 10DR Donators Aura - 12DR Empire aura - 20DR Sharingan Aura - 25DR Blood necklace - 15DR Perfect neck - 25DR Flawless necklace - 25DR Omnicient necklace - 30DR **[Pets]** Joker - 2DR Bulbasaur - 3DR Charmander - 4DR Lucario - 5DR Charizard - 6DR Donald duck - 7DR
  8. To start your journey on Empire-RSPS please follow this simple beginners guide! Step 1: ::Train At this zone you will want to progress through the beginner zones by killing and collecting starter tickets & bones to use on the altar at home or clicking the prayer skill. 10 jokers 25 charmanders Penguins until you get a shines minigun. Step 2: Making the mew pet (This pet will get you 2x Killcount towards npcs you are killing, it is very good for zones!) For this step you will need 2,000 starter tickets and 1,000 Empire tokens. Once you have tho
  9. Official Rules Rule 1. Offensive Language, Flaming, Disrespect, & Other Players of the Empire community are not allowed to use language that may be considered offensive or obscene to other players in the community. This includes things such as swearing, spamming, harassment of any kind, or the use of pornography, racism, etc. This includes in yell, chat, clan chat and pm and players doing so will be punished accordingly. Furthermore, accounts created with names deemed to be offensive will not be tolerated. Players are not allowed to disrespect staff or the server or engage in behaviou
  10. Donator Rank Amounts/Benefits Donator rank Amounts Regular Donator rank - $10 Super Donator rank - $25 Extreme Donator rank - $50 Legendary Donator rank - $125 Uber Donator rank - $200 Deluxe Donator rank - $500 VIP Donator rank - $1000 Investor Donator rank- $2500 Diamond Donator rank - $5000 Emerald Donator rank - $10000 Drop Rate Benefits Regular Donator rank - 1.0% Super Donator rank - 2.0% Extreme Donator rank - 3.0% Legendary Donator rank - 5.0% Uber Donator rank - 8% Deluxe Donato

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