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  1. +1 Loving these suggestions keep them up @Emerald
  2. Just wanted to make this post to thank everyone in the server for being a great community, the staff are insane, Emerald Ki and Risen done such a great job making this server and loved working with them, great owners aswell as great friends! Thankyou to all the staff - Emerald - Risen - Ki - Miskan - Quo - Danne - Ricky - Nilleffs - Lytsu - Sxnta Amazing people who put so much into the server, The reason im leaving is because of irl problems to sort and i may be back in the future who knows, but for the time being i won't be
  3. NEW RAIDS IS OUT! FULL DETAILED GUIDE Requirements: 10k NPC Kills Skilling requirements - 90 Woodcutting - 90 Mining - 90 Fishing To begin raids go North of ::home and speak to 'Arianwyn' Firstly, Create a raid > Choose raid > Raid 1 If you are joining a team, the team will need to select "Join raid party" and the leader will have to use the Magical orb on the players joining. There can be upto 3 players in a team. Now you can go into the portal and start the raid. You first off want to go East and
  4. For donation deals and more contact @Emerald in-game or on discord. Donator Rank Amounts/Benefits Donator rank Amounts Donator rank - $10-$25 Super Donator rank - $25-$50 Extreme Donator rank - $50-$125 Legendary Donator rank - $125-$200 Uber Donator rank - $200-$500 Deluxe Donator rank - $500-$1000 VIP Donator rank - $1000 - $2500 Investors Donator rank - $2500+ Drop Rate Benefits -Regular donator - 2.5% -Super donator - 2.5% -Extreme donator - 5% -Legendary donator- 7.5% -Uber donator - 10%
  5. Money Making Guide In Empire there is quite a few ways to make money some may come with requirements Voting I would highly recommend voting as a way to make money as there sometimes is monthly events which can give prizes for the 1st 2nd and 3rd top voter which are bonds rewards, 1st place 100$ 2nd place 50$ 3rd place 25$. You can also use the scrolls and redeem for vote points which can be used in the store for rewards. Global Bosses - Sephiroth which can drop 3 Sephiroth key pieces each key piece are sold around 5-10k each. Sephiroth also ca
  6. Empire's Halloween Event First off you want to speak to the Halloween Event NPC which is located at ::home You now want to kill "Michael Myers" For the Halloween Key (1) Once you have got the key go west and kill the second bosses "Jason" For the second key And finally move onto Freddy for the last key Now you have all 3 key's you can now open the chest! The loot you can receive from the chest can be pumpkins (used to upgrade to bonds from the upgrader at ::shops) and event items such as Pen
  7. Welcome to Empire RSPS NEW IN-DEPTH STARTER GUIDE Firstly choose what type of player you want to be, ironman players will receive an extra 20% drop rate boost. Now you have chosen that type "empire" to get your free joker bow for a better starter weapon. Now you can go to beginner zone a great way to get a drop rate pet as well as a very good weapon! Collect Starter Tickets and starterzone tokens, the starter tickets you can use and buy the Charmander pet which gives you extra drop rate bonus. the Starterzone tokens you can save up 5

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