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    Raids Guide

    Raids Guide The Yu-Gi-Oh Raids on Empire can seem a bit rough when you are not sure what exactly to do and how the bosses attack. This guide will help to show you how to get past each of the bosses and get your chance at some nice loot like the Forgotten Robe set and Yugi pet! There is a requirement of 25,000 (25k) ::npckills in order to join in on raids. After the required KC is obtained though, getting ready for the raids is simple enough. You will want to take your highest dps gear, preferably a tri-brid type gear, along with 2 different attack styles,
  2. New Minigame Guide To start your grind on New Minigame, you will first need at least 2,500 kills at Dreamflow Assassins and your highest dps gear. The minigame is NOT multi-combat so AOE weapons will not provide a benefit over a stronger 1v1 weapon. Once you have your Dreamflow Assassin killcount and the gear you want to use, click on the teleport menu near the minimap, click the minigames tab and select New Minigame. Once inside the minigame, you will spawn in the first room with Room 1 Empire Minions. Again, take note that no
  3. Starter Guide When you first log in, you will have the chance to choose your account type, from normal, ironman, ultimate ironman and group ironman After selecting your account type, you will have a chance to put in a referral in the chat box, type in Emerald and you will get a few items to help you get started Once you have entered the referral, it is time to get grinding. Equip your beginner gear and the joker bow you received from the referral and click on the teleport icon next to the minimap

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