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Update .24

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Updates v.24

- Buffed infernal battle staff 10k mage now

- Buffed seadevil bow abit

- Vip sword (oh) now has stats, same as main hand

- Custom trident now has .5 damage boost, and stats boost, also 10 dr

- Seph sword stats boosted alot, and it has a 1.5% damage boost, along with 25 Dr

- Buffed rainbow, shines, skyrocket miniguns

- Buffed Blood Neck

-Added weapon animations for Vanquishers whip

- increased stats on vanquisher set items

- Donators aura now gives magic stats

- Deluxe donator chest is now working with no bugs, the deluxe bong and oz of weed are more rare now

- Buffed vader set, and duel saber, the grind is hard and it should be rewarding

- Zulrah has been nerfed, abit bonds was coming into the game to fast so we upped the drop rate on them.
  she still drops the same items just upped them

- New Blood Necklace -

- This necklace has the soulsplit effect, 1.25 damage boost, collects items for you. and has big stats.
- tto get this item you will need to collect blood shards, and combine then to make it.
- The new expert zone npc will drop the shards along with vote boss.
- You will need sharingan aura, 500k tax bagz, and 20 blood shards to make it.

- Crystal hearts Boss Update -

- New Area for Crystal Hearts boss with more Spawns it will not be multi, due to
the abuse of it and stealing from other people. There will be an instance for this boss in the future.

- Small spiders have been add there as well, and they do posion you.

- Buffed spidys hp from 4m to 5m, this is a good boss to make money and it should be treated as so.

- Added new worldboss command for mass bossing events.

- The bond dungeon will now require 250k tax bagz also to enter, along with 30k npc kc.

- Scratch cards have been updated and the loot is more better.

- Added exp lamps back into boss point shop

- Lowered raids skilling supplies from 500, to 50. to speed up the raids abit.

- New vipboss spawn, and is now multi boss

- Jokers now drop infernal bones for starter players

- New Blood Neck, picks up items, and gives 35 DR, and has some of the best stats.

- You can now combine 500k taxbags 10 OP Crystals and a sephiroth sword together to make it stronger

- Added more Corp beasts to teleport zone

- New apolloyon set has been added

- New investor set has been added

- Added bork mass boss command

- Added vip mass boss command

- increased hp of world boss, from 25m to 75m

- increased hp of vip boss, from 25m to 75m

- increased hp of vote boss , from 25m to 75m

- increased hp of santa boss, from 25m to 75m

- increased hp of may boss, from 15m to 75m

- Voteboss, Worldboss drops the blood shard for the new blood neck(only ways to get it)

- New Item Gambler -

New item Gambler, you can use your item on it, if you roll more the 60 you win 2x items u used

- New Item Upgrading -

Item upgrading will now be more cleaner and more seperate, there will be now 3 different upgrading npcs

- Upgrading armour

- Upgrading Weapons

- Upgrading Misc, such as bonds for exmaple, snowballs ect.

with this sytem we intend to make upgrading more of a thing in game and more fun.

- New Starter/Training Zones Alert -

- First zone there will be jokers, kill 50 of them to get 50 tokens to use on the npc to teleport to zone 2.
  once u teleport you will get in your inventory the skyrocket minigun. 3k range stats and bonus

- Second zone there will be charmanders, kill 100 of them to get 100 tokens to use on the npc to teleport zone 3.
  once u teleport you will get in your inventory the rainbow minigun. 5k range stats and bonus

- Third zone there will be npc there that drop the 3rd best starter wep it is 1-60 drop rate.
  once u get the drop from these npcs you will get the shines minigun. has 8k range stats and bonnus

- New Investor Zones Alert -

- The new investor donator zone has been added
- Perks for the zone will come in the next update, along with bosses, and zones for 
  investor memebers only.

- Sellable shop items -

- Infernal capes
- Icy bows
- Royal Blade
- Supreme wings
- Lunar rings
- Dreamy gloves


- Fixed the Upgrading Pool chest, it wouldnt delete the key after being used now it does.

- Cleared out some useless npcs, and boss that wasnt being used taking up space in the spawns.

-Deluxe donator chest can now be opened with deluxe keys

-Deluxe keys have been renamed to the correct name (client update is needed for this)

- Removed razor npc from investor zone

- fixed bug where investor rank was allowing them to have staff commands

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