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Update. 26

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Updates .26

- Added Boss Portal chambers at home, inside you will find other bosses
  that give more of a good reward and more items. but you have to pay the fee 
  to enter:), you will have to pay 5 cash crystals to enter.
- New Bosses are:

- Venastis - Drops the new Infernal Mage Set. BIS
- Scorpia - Drops the new mylo set, it is better then vanquish. TriBrid set
- KBD - - Drops the new, Omega Set, Its bis range, drop new pet dragon
- vetion -
- Skotizo - Drops the new darksoul set, its better then mylo set. BIS Melee, drops new pet

- Cash crystals are crystals from bosses, and zones, that u can collect.
  another form of currency they can be sold to tax bagz shop for tax bagz
  or save them to enter or used to make items with.
  world boss drops it, frost boss drops it too.
- Added more spawn to charmander training area.

- Added more spawns to penguins in training area.

- Took our charmander spawns in Penguin area.

- Added new Kizone, only staff can go there.

- Added triplexp cmd for admins+ to host events

- Added Double boss points command for admins +

- Updated the Medium chest.

- Razor,hellhounds,lumin,ravana, all give boss points

- New dream npc now give cash crystals

- Boss Spawn Timer -

- Added World boss, 
- Seph boss 
- Mass boss
- Frost boss timers

How it works is whever it is spawned, then it will say in the quest tab,
and give you the locations, and current time.

- Item Buffs -

Buffed all starterzone miniguns, now should be good

- Items with drop rate -

- Vanquish now has dr, full set gives 40 dr.

- Full skotizo now has dr, full set gives 100 dr.

- Mylo Set now has dr, full set 80 dr

- Infernal Mage set, ful set 80 dr.

- Omega Range Set, Full set 90 Dr

- New Items -

- DarkSouls Set
- Mylo Set
- New Dragon Pet, Gives 45 Dr.

- Sellable Items -

- Vanquish is now sellable to tax bag shop
- New dream armour is sellable to tax bag shop

- Slayer Rework -

- There will only be two slayer master now, vannaka, bravek,
- Vannaka assigns easy tasks.
- Bravek signs custom tasks.
"note" they both assign custom npc tasks, but bravek assigns higher level ones.
- Bravek now assigns task 30-40 npcs instead of 10-15
- When on a slayer task streak of 5 you will gain extra slayer points, along with 3k tax bagz
- When on a slayer task streak of 10 you will gain extra slayer points, along with 5k tax bagz
- Slayer rings will teleport you right to your task.
- When slayer ring crumbles to dust, a new one will take its place right away.
- When completeing a task, you now have a random chance on getting a loot crate tier 1-2-3 depending on the chance.
- Blood Neck will give you x3 slayer points when completeing a task
- Vip,del,investor and diamond ranks will now recive extra slayer points depending on your donator rank.
- When completeing a task from bravek there will be a chance on getting 500 boss points.
- Wehn completeing a task from bravek there will be a chance on getting a Blood Shard.


- Fixed loot boxes not opening

- Fixed a bug where extreme boxes would give u blood neck

- Fix vipboss drops not dropping for vip members.

- Fixed a bug wher eif you claim your free cash with ::freecash u can spam it for unlimted cash

- Fixed Vip Boss not giving loot.

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