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Update .27

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- Changes -

- Lowered starter zone tokens, to move on, now u need 25 for first one 50 for second.
this way new players can proccess faster.

- Revamped the Weapon system, such as range, magic , melee weapons, so some might seem nerfed or buffed to fit the tier it
is suppose to be in.

- Donator store has been redone, now you will have to donate online store for most op items, instead of the ingame shop.

- Vote Store revamped

- Ironman will need 15 cash crystals for the portal chambers, in there zone.

- Added reloadnpcs cmd for dev, when you change something in the npc def, instead of restarting the server just use the cmd.

- Added restock items/reload, for dev as well, when u edit an item stats use the cmd to fix it.

- Range Weapons -

- Buffed golden minigun "tier 2", it was 1350, now it is 3750, still not as good as end starterzone mg, but it is where it should be.

- Buffed dragon minigun, "tier 4", it was 2740, now it is 8750, still decent wep for a tier 4.

- Nerfed Toxic Twisted bow, "tier 6", it was 22k which was to strong for a tier 6, now it is 15k.

- Hulk Minigun is good for a tier "7" it is 25k.

- Herbal Bow has been Nerfed, it was 225k stats for a "tier 9", which was too high, it is now 145k.

- Detrimental minigun has been nerfed, it was 450k, now it is 300k, for a "tier 10". to fit the npc tiers.

- Bfg-900 has been nerfed, they are now 400k, instead of 500k, for a "tier 11"

- Empire Minigun, has stayed the same, since it is a donated item for 185$, so stats will stay.

- Ironman Updates -
  recently we havent focused enough on ironman updates, and ironman content so
  i decided to give them some treat.

- New World Boss for Ironman -

- Moley

- Moley spawns every 2 hours, and he is a little critter 
  that loves to dig holes, and nibble on his opponent

- Drops, cash crystals, vote scrolls, gives boss points, and slayer points when killed
  he also gives tax bagz and alot of other juicey rewards.
- New ironman zone, just for ironman, to have as some sort of home
   more will be added to it soon.

- New toxic wings for ironman,
  the ironman world boss drops them,
  they give 30dr, 3x slayer points.
- Doing slayer now ironman have a more common rate on getting loot boxes, 1-2-3
  from completeing tasks.

- New item Upgrades -

- You can now upgrade 3 limey bows and 15k tax bagz with a 25%  into a chance on getting a 5$ bond.

- You can now upgrade full exoden into, storm breaker

- You can now upgrade full zues into, Hurricane armour

- You can now upgrade hulk mg, into empire mg

- You can now upgrade blessed amulet, into collectors.

- you can now upgrade collectors, into collectors "i"

- You can now upgrade heated staff, into supreme staff

- Raids Redone -

- Before when you enter the first room you had to skill? well thats all changed
now when you enter the first room you will have to kill "skeletal horror"
but becareful it hits you with lighting attack, and also the minions are vicious.
he is weak against range attacks, but strong against mage and melee.

- once you kill him you will be teleported to the next boss room.
in this room you will have to kill ant man, he is a bad and angry ant,
he is weak too melee attacks but strong to range and magic, to kill him faster
and stop his rain of terror melee is requested to kill him.

- The final boss room is freezing goku, he will freeze ur balls off if 
you dont stop him in time, he is weak against magic attacks, but strong
against melee and range, he can pack a punch so make sure you bring magic with you
and his minions dont like visitors.

- The final room is the chest room, so once you kill all these bosses, you will
get a key from goku to use for a reward.

- Keep in midn to bring 3 different styles with you if u want to kill fast.
 because belive me if u dont mind u will be there longer. enjoy.
 - Note raids rooms got redone and look more awesome now, thanks to the community manager Tezkid:)

- Raids chest redone, now drops some good items, like unlitmed prayer scrolls, 25$ bonds, new magic wep, which is bis.
  infnitie overloads, external overlods,


- Fixed Loot boxes, they now open, and loot 3 boxes, will give world message when you get
a rare item.

- wep, armour, and misc upgrading fixed.

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