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Small skilling update

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- Skilling revamped 


Each lap of Gnome course completed you receive 50 empire tokens and 25 skill points.
Each lap of the barbarian outpost course you receive 100 empire tokens and 50 skill points.
Each lap of the wilderness course you complete you receive 200 empire tokens and 75 skill points.


- ANY potion made rewards 10 empire tokens and 10 skill points.


- Will now get 10 skilling points per actions, and 5 empire tokens.


1st stall 5 empire tokens and 5 points.
Depending on your donator rank
i made it so where your donator rank counts
on how much tokens you get, so if you are investor
you will get more tokens and skillpoints then regular


- When cutting gems you now will get 5 empire tokens
  and 10 skillpoints. per cut

All hunter reactions will reward you with the same thing. you will recieve 5 empire tokens and 5 skill points per animal you catch. what makes this unique ,
is that upon every capture there is a 1/100 (1%)chance to get 1000 empire tokens and 500 skill points



- This skill is based on the same Theme as Hunter.
every seed you plant and every herb , fruit , flower you pick gives you 5 empire tokens and 5 skill points with a 1/100 (1%) chance at gaining 1000 empire tokens


Every fish you cook and catch will give you 10 empire tokens, and 10 skillpoints.



Any Runecrafting activity will give you 2 empire tokens and 2 skill points per essence used. no matter the rune.
Also a 1 in 500 chance to gain 1000 tax bags since you use up 27 inventory slots instantly.

- Thanks to deadbynature for the suggestion.

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