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Small Update

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- Changes -

You can now longer have more then 1 acc doing a afk method
for exmaple only one account can woodcut a tree
you can ahve another mine if you like.

- When you make it to the last zone in starterzone
  there will be 3 new option in the npc to choose your future
  melee,range,or magic wep
  all give decent starting stats.
  you will need 250 starter tokens to choose one.
  and each penguin drops 5 starter tokens now.
  you will still get the other weps from progress 
  but the last room you can choose a different style to continue 
  the grind.
- Bond dungeon now has a npc to talk to and teleport you.

- Omin ring and neck now have a 15 higher dr then flawless,
  before it was 10.
- Uber donators can now tele to ::rick

- Detrimental cape now gives stats

- Turmoil now has range and magic bonuses
  range: 20
  magic: 20
so now it acts as str range magic def.

- Auras -

Red, Gives x3 slayer points when done task,
     50k all stats hybrid aura
     2.0 damage boost
     45 drop rate
     portal room cover, which mean if ur using this aura
     you can access the portal room free.
Yellow, Gives 50k all stats hybrid arua
        3.0 damage boost
        unlimited prayer, so your prayer never drains
        65 drop rate
Blue,  Gives 50k all stats hybrid aura
       Collects item for you, acts as collectors neck
       gives 2.5 damage boost
       55 drop rate


Fixed a bug where if u tele to ::holywaters you fight kbd for free
Fixed a bug where if you clicked on bond dungeon it take the cash but wouldnt tele you

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